Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Betsy is starting to get dressed.....

I'm still on a knitting streak, so here is my latest.  Betsy McCall was originally made as a small doll of about 8".  Then in the 90's I think Robert Tonner recreated her in a 14" version.  She is a beautifully made vinyl doll, but is now only available through the secondary market such as private sales or eBay.  I had one of the small Betsy's when I was a child, and she was by far my favourite doll.  I don't know what happened to my original Betsy, but I have collected a couple of each size now.  This one came in her original little onsie, so she needs clothes.  The pattern was a top down sweater from an Etsy vendor, St. Raphael's Women's cooperative.  The pattern is easy to follow although not written in the easiest to use style.  The lace pattern is easy once you understand how to do yarn overs when you are also switching from knit to pearl.
Anyway, this basic sweater is very cute, could be easily adapted to other lace or fair isle patterns, and a quick project.  This was knit with softee baby yarn, a sports weight acrylic.
Sorry the Etsy store with the pattern is closed for Christmas, so I'll post a link when it opens again.

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